Anger is one factor that is present in every relationship. It is like a demon because you have to keep it away from you and other people. If it’s out of the bottle then it destroys everything. Everyone has to control their anger otherwise anger will control you. In order to help you control and balance their anger and mind follow all the below steps with patience and peace of mind. Don’t read this when you are fighting or when you are angry. Read it when your mind is calm and quiet, only then you will be able to understand the difference between being angry and a state of anger.

Always think before you speak. It seems very easy but it’s hard to get into action. Whenever you are talking to your wife/lover you seem to be free and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean that you can speak up like a car without brake and horn. You have to think before you speak because otherwise, misunderstanding will occur. Don’t say or do something that one day you are going to regret. Always collect your thoughts before saying anything. Always speak up when you are sure about it.

If you really want to show up your frustration, then do it only after getting calm. If you start to show your frustration while in anger it will create a lot more problems than you will expect. Always state your needs and wants in an assertive way. Don’t try to control others with your voice or anger.

Another age-old and proven method is to get exercise daily. Meditation or physical exercise can help people to control their anger because they are the people who are likely to have less stress. Meditation helps to control your inner self that is your feelings and emotions. If you are angry, take a quick walk or a run so that your body could coupe up with that so easily rather than talking up and creating more problems.

While on work always consider yourself in a position to take time outs. So that if the day is a stressful one you will be still in a position of calmness. Otherwise, you get so much frustrated because of the stressfulness at the job. 

Always be a problem solver than a problem maker. If some things made you angry, then just think about how to solve that. Sometimes your partner’s behavior may create an issue, at that time talk to her rather than going for a quarrel. If your child’s messy room is creating anger than close the door and tell your child in a pleasant way, that he/she should clean their room every time. It shouldn’t stay messy. If you get angry with your kid that will never love you. They will hate you for no reason.

Smiling is not only for the happiest ones. Humor is the best remedy for anger. If you are angry try watching humor films or shows that will help you release your tension and make your mind refreshed. By doing that you will laugh a lot that will create a very positive impact on your relationship.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing only very few human beings can actually control. Try to forgive people for their actions and behavior. We are not in a position to control anyone. People act accordingly. But it is us, as humans we have to forgive the wrong. This will give a positive impact.

Practice relaxation skills whenever possible and always understand the time to seek out help. It is always a good choice if you can’t control yourself. Try seeing a therapist who can definitely help you get over your personal challenge.

I hope you like this content. Try to put all these into perspective.

Published by Adithya Prem

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