Adithya Prem (randomblogworm)

Business Owner | Content Creator | Helping Millennials Lead a Productive and Fulfilling Life.

My passion is to become a financial independent and help others do the same. In the process, I hope to make a difference in this world economically and socially.

For the last several years rules for success are changing in world. For many growing up, the pinnacle of education is a college degree and pinnacle of success is getting a job. But, the rules have changed. Jobs come with their own set of problem of insecurity, inflexibility, long commute, stress, fixed income and limited career advancement opportunities. I want to be part of the solution for this huge problem arising in world where people are looking to better their lives but cannot do it through limited job incomes. I want to teach people how start and grow their own businesses in order to generate income and take control of their lives. I want to teach people the skills they did not learn in a college or university which will help them succeed in today’s world.

That’s why I started working with some of the top industry and thought leaders who are mentoring me to become a successful entrepreneur and teach others to be the same.

I am excited about my future!

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