Copywriting is closing in print.

Dan Lok

Copywriting is considered as one of the best and most high paying skills on the market that very few people have. Whenever people hear about copywriting they misunderstood that with copyright. Many people will even speak about that like; it is something like a patent and you help clients keep their rights and all. They often mistaken it with copyrighting. But this is ‘copywriting’ its a w not r. Copywriting is gaining a lot of popularity during the recent times, but even also it is a skill, that very few people owns. 

Just like programming and other skills, copywriting is also a learnable skill. But the best part is that you don’t require any degree or qualification for that. Another factor is that it doesn’t not depend on your age also. You can learn copywriting at any age, whether you are less than 18 years old or you are above 60 years. It doesn’t matter. It does not even require people from a particular country or place. Everyone from anywhere in the world can do copywriting. It is a skill not a degree or certification course. What is the importance of a skill than a degree ?  Skill is something that will stay with us for the rest of our lifetime after we learn it. So help yourself learn high income skills than joining a lot of online courses to earn some certification that only helps you get a 9 – 5 job. 

Why is copywriting called a high income skill ?

Copywriting is considered as a high income skill because you are able to earn some big amount of money by doing copywriting. It will take a normal employee to earn a 100000$ many years. But copywriters can earn these in months. But the best part is not this. You only require to work half hour per day. That’s it. You can earn 1000s of dollars just by working 30 minutes a day. That is some big level skill right ?. 

Let me take an example from a very well known person, Dan Lok. He is an Entrepreneur, Influencer, Mentor to many and most importantly a copywriter. He done 13 businesses and all of them failed and then he met his mentor Alan and he then taught him how to do copywriting. Dan Lok started as a copywriter and made a lot of money doing that. He is now in a very significant position and is teaching people / students the power of copywriting. He personally takes them under his wings to help them learn the copywriting skill.

Briefly saying, copywriting is the skill that copywriters use to make money by writing. It may be a simple email or landing pages or advertisements. The social media advertisements and all the promotional emails we receive have been written by some copywriters. Let’s take Dan’s example. If one company has an email list of 50000 people. They usually send 10 emails to its customers and that 10 emails make around 30000$ additional revenue. So as a copywriter you will send those customers emails everyday instead of 10 days a month. In that way there will be 30 emails you have send to these 50000 people. If 10 emails make 30000$, then 30 emails will make 90000$ in revenue, on that 60000$ is the profit you made the company as a copywriter. Thay will be more than happy to pay you 3000$ for one month. 

That is the power of copywriting. It is just only one client. You can have 3 or 4 as much as you want. It is all based on your ambition level. It would hardly take a person 30 minutes to craft an email. So you are making 3000$ a month just by working 30 minutes a day. If you have 3 clients you will be making around 9000$ a month which is crazy. 

This is why copywriting is considered as a high income skill. If you want to learn more about copywriting, I will link Dan’s website here.


Anger is one factor that is present in every relationship. It is like a demon because you have to keep it away from you and other people. If it’s out of the bottle then it destroys everything. Everyone has to control their anger otherwise anger will control you. In order to help you control and balance their anger and mind follow all the below steps with patience and peace of mind. Don’t read this when you are fighting or when you are angry. Read it when your mind is calm and quiet, only then you will be able to understand the difference between being angry and a state of anger.

Always think before you speak. It seems very easy but it’s hard to get into action. Whenever you are talking to your wife/lover you seem to be free and comfortable. But that doesn’t mean that you can speak up like a car without brake and horn. You have to think before you speak because otherwise, misunderstanding will occur. Don’t say or do something that one day you are going to regret. Always collect your thoughts before saying anything. Always speak up when you are sure about it.

If you really want to show up your frustration, then do it only after getting calm. If you start to show your frustration while in anger it will create a lot more problems than you will expect. Always state your needs and wants in an assertive way. Don’t try to control others with your voice or anger.

Another age-old and proven method is to get exercise daily. Meditation or physical exercise can help people to control their anger because they are the people who are likely to have less stress. Meditation helps to control your inner self that is your feelings and emotions. If you are angry, take a quick walk or a run so that your body could coupe up with that so easily rather than talking up and creating more problems.

While on work always consider yourself in a position to take time outs. So that if the day is a stressful one you will be still in a position of calmness. Otherwise, you get so much frustrated because of the stressfulness at the job. 

Always be a problem solver than a problem maker. If some things made you angry, then just think about how to solve that. Sometimes your partner’s behavior may create an issue, at that time talk to her rather than going for a quarrel. If your child’s messy room is creating anger than close the door and tell your child in a pleasant way, that he/she should clean their room every time. It shouldn’t stay messy. If you get angry with your kid that will never love you. They will hate you for no reason.

Smiling is not only for the happiest ones. Humor is the best remedy for anger. If you are angry try watching humor films or shows that will help you release your tension and make your mind refreshed. By doing that you will laugh a lot that will create a very positive impact on your relationship.

Forgiveness is a powerful thing only very few human beings can actually control. Try to forgive people for their actions and behavior. We are not in a position to control anyone. People act accordingly. But it is us, as humans we have to forgive the wrong. This will give a positive impact.

Practice relaxation skills whenever possible and always understand the time to seek out help. It is always a good choice if you can’t control yourself. Try seeing a therapist who can definitely help you get over your personal challenge.

I hope you like this content. Try to put all these into perspective.

iPhone SE 2 (2020) The Big Market Shift is Here !

This is what happens when you put a 1000$ specification on a smartphone that costs 400$. The whole game changes !

Apple announced the all new iPhone SE 2 on April 15, 2020 with a huge announcement. There was no official event or nothing like that due to the lockdown. The device was announced by Apple through an official video.

This device is creating so much hype as the price point of this iPhone is the most interesting part. The device starts at 399$ for 64GB & 499$ for 128GB variants. The price range puts the device right alongside with the budget/midrange smartphones. But it is no way a sloth. That is the only reason why this device is going to create so much trouble for mid range smartphone makers.

Check out more information on the iPhone SE 2 by watching this video.

iPhone SE 2 (2020) worth Buying ?

Budget smartphone segment is the market where the manufactures have to put little bit of everything. If you put all the important features from the flagship into the budget category, there won’t be any difference between the midrange and flagship. That is why manufactures like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. all put mid range smartphone processors and camera on their budget mobile phones and give them some new aesthetic or functionality change.

But Apple made a huge shift over there. They put the Apple A13 Bionic Processor from the 1000$ iPhone 11 series to the compact iPhone SE 2. That is the main beauty here. This device only costs 400$ and we are getting a flagship processor. For the cost cutting and to keep it under 400$ mark, they compensated on the design. It still shares the 2017 design feature of the iPhone 8 with big Bezels on top and bottom with the same hardware. But people who are buying smartphones at a mid range are not that much concerned about the design. They just need to get their things done. That is where the iPhone SE 2 shines.

The device only has a 4.7″ LCD display with glass back which do support wireless charging and water resistance up to 1 m for 30 minutes. The camera of this device shares the same old hardware as that of the iPhone 8, but photos from the iPhone 8 still looks great. With the updates software and new processor this camera is going to be the best budget camera. As iPhones are known for videography this one is going to be the best video camera on the budget segment. It can record videos up to 4k at 60fps and it also supports portrait mode now. It does it by only using the software, so it only works with people as a subject. It also shares the feature of different lighting effects on portrait mode.

It only has a few pixels to push, so with this much insane processing power on a smaller form factor means incredible snappy performance. It has 3GB of Ram and has updated privacy features. There is no fancy Face ID. It is replaced by the old Touch ID. It’s a second generation fingerprint scanner, it will be less fast than that of the Face ID.

This approach by apple has made other manufactures to grab their breath. Apple has created a benchmark here with the iPhone SE 2. So the other manufactures like Samsung, Google, etc. all have to put flagship features into budget phones to compete with the iPhone SE 2. Apple may lose some of their sales on higher end devices, but they will gain huge amount of market from this device. This made normal people could also afford an iPhone now. Apple showed that, the game has begun. Smartphone manufactures have to really put up something to stay on the budget segment now, because the budget king is here; the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone SE 2020.

Check out the official iPhone SE 2 video. Apple creates some amazing videos, just look at this video. Oh My God. A big Thumbs up for Apple 👍.

Apple iPhone SE 2

If you are in the market for a new budget smartphone or looking to buy a new iPhone but don’t want to spend too much. Then this is the device for you. At this price point there are no second thoughts, just go ahead and buy this.


Ice creams are considered as one of the universal desserts in the world. Everyone loves ice creams and even the roman emperors had servants who take snows by foot to the fortress to make sorbets. Everyone is enjoying this tasty food for long enough. But, even with all these years of its formation, it does have an obvious drawback; it melts. There is no big worry than ice cream melts on a hot day. But we humans are an incredible creature as many chemists determined to put an end to this devastation. They formulated ways to keep ice cream stay longer than ever before.

In a press conference conducted by the American Chemical Society, they revealed a technology to this disaster by using cellulose extracted from the stem of banana plants. Usually, that part is thrown away like a waste, but that has this life-saving use. This may be the key to say ice cream apocalypse. It contains a cellulose fiber called the rachis. But these fibers are incredibly small and it’s been used for different purposes in history. That is also easy to digest and completely harmless to our body. Scientists tried different concentrations of these fibers with ice creams and it’s always done in small proportions so that it won’t affect its flavors. The most common was 3 of a gram per 100 grams of ice creams and the results are quite promising. It resists more towards hot temperature and it lasted more than the normal ice creams. Also, it doesn’t give you any banana taste or nothing. It made them creamier on the mouth. 

This is exciting news for environmentalists as there is lots of energy being used to keep ice creams in the solid-state. Lots of electricity is burned by fridges. So by implementing this, it will help reduce energy consumption less and more profitable to the environment and manufacturers pocket. Researchers are also planning to implement the banana strategy to traditional ice creams more. In ice creams which use more dairy fats. Replacing dairy in ice cream will become a huge impact and is a new trend word wide. Dairy fat will be replaced by using soy, nut-based products, along with coconut milk and adding a blend of banana plant fiber for creamy long-lasting ice cream. Sometimes Gelato will be also used and it can be made sturdier by adding cellulose.

Also, there are lots of cool and fun discoveries for the rescue of desserts. In 2017, Japanese scientists made a big impact by saying that they had invented non-melting ice cream by accident. They conducted an experiment to made new strawberry desserts and which resulted in the formation of strawberry extracted polyphenol liquid that made ice cream heat resistant. The researchers were fascinated and they kept the ice cream out of the room for more than three hours and found that it hardly melted and it still tastes cold. 

But this comes up with a challenge as strawberries are a seasonal fruit and it will not grow everywhere. It has to be grown custom, unlike banana plants. So this concept of strawberry based ice cream is not as cost-effective as it sounds. So considering both the fiber from banana plant and strawberry based ice cream, the banana plant-based ice cream will be the most viable option. Also considering its availability and easiness of formation it will be easier to use and mix the fiber from the banana plant into ice cream. Banana can be grown on almost everywhere and it is not a seasonal plant. 

At least we have long-lasting ice creams. May be in coming future we will see non-melting ice creams. 


Cheeseburgers are so common in most part of the world. The best part is that everyone loves cheeseburgers no matter what they do or where they come from. In most places most people are within a mile of a cheeseburger. People can’t get enough of this mix of meat and cheese in between two buns, but why they are so into it? Let’s find out what cheeseburgers are and why people love them more than any other dishes.

Cheeseburgers are most common in America and to be quoted rightly; ‘cheeseburgers are completely American’. Cheeseburgers share a lot in common with hamburgers. Their origin is still a topic of debate but burgers were made famous by Americans. Also the Hamburger is named after Hamburg, Germany. These flattened mixes of meat have existed long before many years. The cheese came later and they were attributed to different creators. But today there are lots and lots of wide varies of cheese and people can choose the type as per their taste.

When it all started there was only one type of cheeseburger which only contains burger, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and onion on a bun. These are now called the traditional cheeseburgers because of its rawness. But today it’s not the case as there are now different sets of customization just like assembling a personal computer. You can have it with different sets of meat not just beef. You can have pork burger, a bison burger, a venison burger. Also the toppings can be of different types like pepper jack, cheddar, mushrooms, Swiss, peanut butter or even bacon. Best part is that cheeseburgers can have any combination yet it tastes like a blessing.

The part is that this is the right food for people who is in a hurry as people won’t spend too much time waiting at shops and select the kind of food. They just order a cheeseburger and that’s the main specialty. The cheeseburgers have all bits and bytes of a perfect universal food as it tastes good for everyone. There are very slight sometimes, zero people who hate cheeseburgers. What combo you choose it doesn’t matter as everything will have a savory, meaty, cheesy, salty flavor and extra flavor of your choice of toppings. Mothers find it difficult to get eat and the best part is that children love the taste of cheeseburgers and they starts eating. It is a very comfy food as everyone will agree to a cheeseburger even if they have different opinions on food. The vegetarians can also enjoy it with a veg patty.

Americans adore this dish; some of them describe this dish just as raw as stars and stripes of USA National Flag. A pure American will always choose cheeseburgers over other random dishes. Cheeseburgers are American as Americans will get into. But let’s be honest who doesn’t love the taste of a fresh cheeseburger off the grill with that smoky smell? People adore these and different cheese options make them taste like a lifetime.

People can’t resist the smoky, salty, savory meat patty which is just off the grill or flat top. Then on top of that single or two layer of cheesy cheese melts into the meat. On top of that tomatoes, onion, pickle, sauce and it is then placed in between two buns. They just take it with both their hands and a give it a shot of mouthful. All those cheese melts into the meat and the savories together creates an amazing blend of meal which just melts into the mouth. 

If this doesn’t get your mouth watering, I’m not sure what will. For everyone who doesn’t love cheeseburgers, please don’t tell that to any American. 


Kerala is the land of spices and exotic cuisines. There is no wonder why the curries are so spicy and lip smacking. Here people are doing everything from breakfast to snacks just by blending the taste of traditional foods along with vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Kerala is not only famous for its spicy curries, but also different kinds of biriyanis available. In which Thalasherry biriyani is the most famous. Also to mention about the desserts, there are an amazing variety of payasam in which the ada payasam and ari payasam are the main. Also halwa is another strong hold in Kerala. There is even a street named ‘muttayi teruvu’ in Kozhikode district which means ‘Sweet Street’. There is a whole array of shops selling sweets. 

The traditional keralite breakfast dishes are appam, idiyappam, dosa, puttu, pattiri which all goes along with any vegetarian and non vegetarian curries. The main ingredient of almost all the dishes and curries are coconuts. It will be either chopped, or grinded or even squeezed to get its milk out and add that to these cuisines to make them taste like heaven. Also the aroma that comes from these curries are mainly from curry leaves which gives it an extra bit of kick. Also turmeric, tamarind, cumin, fenugreek are some of the exotic ingredients used.

In Kerala there are tons of amazing and luxury restaurants and hotels. But if you really want to understand and explore what’s in the heart of Kerala, then you should get into some local hotels or toddy bars called ‘kallu shaap’. There the food served will be the core dishes which are always the perfect example of spiciness and it’s more close to nature. Because there is no artificial method of cooking nothing. Everything is created raw.

When you are in Kerala don’t forget to try these lip smacking dishes which will tell the story of this state and its importance. You will be travelling through a journey while having these.

  • SADHYA – This is considered as the main dish in Kerala. It is a multi course meal and usually made during onam season. These have a lot of vegetable curries and it should be eaten along rice and final dessert will be payasam. It’s a vegetarian food completely.
  • PUTTU & KADALA CURRY – It is the most common breakfast dish in Kerala. It is basically rice flour mixed with water and salt and steamed in a cylindrical pot. It can be had along banana and pappadam, but kadala curry is the perfect combo with puttu.
  • APPAM & STEW – It is made in a special cooking utensil called ‘ appam chatty’. It is like a pancake made of rice batter. The best combo to have appam with is hot vegetable stew. Sometime it can be taken in along with spicy chicken curry or beef roast.
  • IDIYAPPAM & EGG CURRY – This is made using rice and thin strands of rice is steamed in to get iddiyappam. It goes in well with egg curry. It’s a very soft and light dish. 
  • MALABAR BIRIYANI – This is considered as the intimate food of every malayalies. A plate biriyani along with small amount of yogurt salad and 1 pickled lemon is well enough. Usually it is served along with a boiled egg and it contains all the spices from Kerala and the rice used is special rice called basmati rice.
  • PAROTTA & BEEF ROAST – There won’t be any single non-veg malayalies out there who haven’t had parotta & beef in their life. This is the most common non-veg food available in every restaurants and hotels in Kerala. Maida is used to make parotta and it is taken along hot and spicy beef roast which contains pepper and slices of onion rings are shredded on top.

Other major dishes are:

  • Chicken curry (nadan kozhi curry)
  • Kerala fish curry with Kappa
  • Kallumakaya ularthiyath
  • Tattu dosa, omlet and chutney
  • Dosa and sambar
  • Payasam
  • Prawn theeyal
  • Nadan kozhi varuthat

Converting Your Home Into a Smart Home? Consider The Basics!

Before asking this question think about how can you make a mobile phone smart? But technology has proven that and we all are reading this content on a smartphone.

Our life became more easy and convenient when smart things came into picture. When all the conventional products and appliances have been replaced by smart devices, it made life easier. When mobile phones became smart, the applications that have been introduced along with that have made a replacement for computers and laptops for some. The concept of mobility and portability became more predominant.

But, what if we can make our homes smart just like we made our mobile devices smart? Of course, we can; many companies have even launched amazing sets of products to replace all the conventional devices in our homes. Smart devices like smart plugs, smart lights have started to more attention due to its convenience and safety. Smart devices are always a level up when compared with conventional appliances.

You can make home smart by putting three main things up in front. They are safety, convenience, and reliability. Let’s make home smart together.

Add smart lights to your home, so that you could control everything related to the lighting including the color, illumination, intensity, etc. You can even schedule the timing of the lighting. These bulbs are more reliable and cost-effective. You can connect these with your smart devices and control everything from one place.

Smart plugs can be used instead of normal plugs so that it can help reduce the overcharging of devices, reduce electricity cost, and most importantly, helps avoid risks of touching.

The smart door lock can be used as it can be opened or accessed only with user id or biometrics.


While setting up your home use smart switch or smart circuit breakers instead of conventional ones so that chances of the short circuit will be very less.

You can also place a 360° rotating camera around the house so that you can keep track of people coming in and out of the home and also you can track it from anywhere in the world.

Universal Remote can be used to control all the smart appliances at home. No need for each and every remote. Just control everything from one place.

Smart Padlocks and Smart tags can be used for safety measures.

By implementing these appliances, we can make a safe and modern home that is well equipped and contained.

I hope you all enjoyed the content. There are many companies that are into home automation and smart homes. Always hook up some of those companies for their services to make home smart, because it will help you save tons of money compared with you doing yourself. From my personal experience there is one such company called ATTUNE SL which provide home automation at a very cheaper rate.


Dietary supplements are the substances that we eat or drink based on the prescription. It can be vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, etc. They are usually available to us in the form of tablets or pills, powders and also some in the form of drinks. But many people mistake them with food. They have to understand one thing that, dietary supplements are not alternatives to food. They help us cover our daily protein or vitamin and mineral needs. Eating a lot or eating three times a day doesn’t mean we are getting all the necessary and essential minerals. To avoid this, people are asked to take these supplements.

Common dietary supplements include vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, multivitamins), Omega fatty acids (omega 3), fiber and proteins. Proteins are our building blocks. But an interesting fact about protein is that if we take enough and excess protein; our body only requires only a particular amount of protein intake a day. Unlike fat, the excess protein will not be saved for future use. That is why regular protein intake is very important. A balanced diet will help us maintain our minerals and vitamin needs as it will provide us with an adequate amount of everything.

Nowadays many people are suffering from nutritional gaps due to pollution, inadequate diet, junk food, fast-paced lifestyles, skipping meals, adulterated food, etc. An average human male requires 60g of protein daily and as a woman needs 55 grams. Protein is essential for good hair, skin, nails. It helps to sustain energy levels. It builds, repair and maintains cells. It supports our immune system along with adding strength to our muscles. But why one have to take a supplement instead of taking food? Because as a reference, we will get 60g of protein by eating 11 eggs or 50 bananas or 25 potatoes or 8 glass of milk or even 8 cups of curd. This in real life is not possible. That alone proves that we are not having enough protein a day. The same applies to almost all the vitamins and minerals.

This is dietary supplement chart prepared by Amway for the reference.


COVID – 19 is the major talk for quite some time now and people are panicking, the death rates, the positive cases are increasing day by day. There isn’t any reduction in the spread. But the truth is, by adequate care and safety measures, we can fight the coronavirus. For that many precautions and preventive methods are suggested by many scientists, doctors, and even some healthcare organizations. But most of them forget about one major factor; the importance of vitamin supplements.

Supplements are not medicine; they are used for the prevention of diseases rather than the cure. Just like the old days saying “Prevention is better than cure”. We have to keep our vitality at the best for the prevention of these deadly viruses. The level of immunity present in the human body is decreasing due to the living style, junk food, and even the climate. By having supplements that can actually boost your immunity and help you from infection. Vitamins like Vitamin C help boost our immunity and Ayurvedic supplements like Tulsi, Mulekthi, etc are known for its immunity-boosting properties.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the supplements you are getting. My family and relatives are a proud family of Nutrilite. Their Natural C and Tulsi are really some amazing products. My cousin suffers from cold very frequently. After having the tulsi he stopped showing the signs of a cold. In fact, one tablet of Tulsi = 100 dried tulsi leaves. That much concentrated it is. There is no way one could actually eat 100 leaves a day.

Even in this epidemic, every manufacturing plant in china has stopped except for Nutrilite and Amway. The Chinese Government knows the value of these products in the long run and how it is effective.

If you really want to learn more about amway products and want to get done your own free personalized health assessment or skin assessment, then please do email at recastlyf@gmail.com.

I’m certified nutritionist and skin care specialist. I on behalf of Amway will provide you with the best assistance in selecting the right products for your needs and helping you overcome the challenges faced by recommending the right supplements. Also (Free) personal health assessment and (Free) skin assessment will be done as per customer needs so that they can choose the correct products for their health and skin for best results. Health assessments and skin assessments can be done face to face if possible, otherwise online consultation is available. Feel free to contact me.

Keep your body long and healthy. The key to healthy living is exercise and meditation. Check these meditation materials you can use to boost your health game. Link: https://a50ca7l0o95r1zfsnsrcq88p8g.hop.clickbank.net/


Entrepreneurship is considered one of the biggest assets in the modern economy. Many governments are promoting new innovative ideas from creative minds. They proved to be worthy of today’s problem solver. Great entrepreneurship minds have the ability to make a change in the perspective we see and do things.  They are actually the solution finder of today’s world. They tend to work and think more about present scenarios and always find a new solution to overcome it. Their great mindset contributes not only to the wealth and revenue of the country but also on improving the standard of lifestyle, creating a lot of job opportunities and thus contributing to the greater goods.

Many sectors benefit from the innovations created by entrepreneurs. Even if we take many IT industries in the past, we can observe very clearly how much all these small scale sectors have grown. Call center operations, network maintenance companies and hardware providers flourished. All these providers benefitted a great deal in those times even now. Entrepreneurs are people who create new innovative products or services that will help ease people’s lives in a positive way.

They add to the total national income by increasing employment and higher earnings in the form of higher tax revenue. This money can be used by the government to invest in other, struggling sectors and human capital. Entrepreneurs always create a social change by implementing new rules and actions that will save money and effort in many places. This will change the traditional way of dealing with problems. With the development of technologies and all, many people are learning new and improved methods. Many greater minds start to think out of the box and create amazing solutions and even better products. All these create a completion between entrepreneurs. But the ones in the developing country can always compete with the one from the developed country due to the introduction of technologies.

Entrepreneurs always invest their money in community projects and provide financial supports to local charities and also help young minds to come up with something new. Many famous entrepreneurs like Bill Gates have used their money to finance good causes from public health to education. Elon Musk, one of the biggest minds of the present era has contributed a lot to the modern world. People like him motivate young minds and they will one day create amazing things that will help humans to thrive in the future.

If we take the past 10 years as a case study, we can see how much has technology improved. Take our mobile phone as an example. Back in 2010 touch screen device with a 5 MP camera was a big thing. Look now in 2020,bezel-less screens, hole-punch display, 8k resolution, 108 MP camera, ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, foldable display, etc. We have evolved a lot in a span of 10 years. Now technology is developing rapidly with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and we are able to create self-driving cars and robots that can actually interact with us.

All these are possible because of the innovative minds behind all these. The people who thought outside the box. This shows us why our country needs more entrepreneurs and this is an evident example that why we should give students the training to be an entrepreneur while in high school itself. Because if all the people start to think like one, just imagine the reach our world would be. India is a country with very large manpower. If we start to use them wisely, give them the training and motivation to think like an entrepreneur; then India will be at the top of the innovation.


It seems that Bitcoin prices are plunging back down. After the crisis, Bitcoin’s price is down now to approximately 50% from its heights. In the meantime, many people are wondering whether it is the best time to invest in Bitcoin. Here are certain things that you should consider before investing the money into cryptocurrency.

Many events have caused a rise in the value of Bitcoin recently to be impossible. The COVID-19 has paved a breathtaking fear upon global financial markets. Many actions are being taken for the protection against this disease including quarantine, business closure and the banning of schools and travels. Many investors are scared as these actions might cause the global economy to fall into recession. To sell the stocks and leading the world into a big loss.

Bitcoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that stood well in worse times when the stock market has fallen. Many people consider Bitcoin as an asset that can be used in a time when its value increases can be sold and gain some big profits. But the current market scenario is very difficult and can be catastrophic. Cryptocurrency has always a hedge over other stocks as it can serve as a hedge against market turmoil. This is considered as the best use cases of Bitcoins.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, to reduce the financial loss and recession many central banks around the globe have taken many drastic changes. One of them is to pump liquidity in the market. This will help to stimulate the economy and helps to maintain these drastic times. Due to this, the currency values of many countries have also gone down. But on the contrary, this is the kind of situation that Bitcoin is actually made for. Because the total supply of Bitcoin is very limited to about 21 million coins. So that in these tough times when all the stocks start to lose its value Bitcoins value will stay the same. This is what saves Bitcoins in times of inflation. But, this coronavirus has made some reduction in the value of Bitcoins.

Digital payments are not a new thing nowadays. It is what should be promoted during these tough times. Because viruses can stay alive in contact surfaces for many hours. To stop the spread of COVID-19 many banks have taken some measures to keep the money that is coming to the banks for about 14 days to kill the viruses that may be present in them. This started to promote digital payments rapidly in the country. This is what Bitcoins are, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. But, yet it’s not the best time to invest in Bitcoin as it is not ready yet for mass adoption. It is still unsuitable as a payment network. As the need for digital payment increase does not mean the value of Bitcoin is going to increase anytime soon.

So, if you are planning to buy yourself a Bitcoin consider the usage before that. If you are considering it as a store of value for payments, then it’s not yet ready. But, the prices are gone down and considering the future higher prices, then it is a good investment. When the value of Bitcoin is high enough, you can sell your Bitcoin for high profits and earn some real money. But the Bitcoin price can still fall, so consider waiting for some more and do the right investment in the right time. But considering the future of digital payments and value of Bitcoins on the previous periods, this may be a best time to invest in one.

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