iPhone SE 2 (2020) The Big Market Shift is Here !

This is what happens when you put a 1000$ specification on a smartphone that costs 400$. The whole game changes ! Apple announced the all new iPhone SE 2 on April 15, 2020 with a huge announcement. There was no official event or nothing like that due to the lockdown. The device was announced byContinue reading “iPhone SE 2 (2020) The Big Market Shift is Here !”

Converting Your Home Into a Smart Home? Consider The Basics!

Before asking this question think about how can you make a mobile phone smart? But technology has proven that and we all are reading this content on a smartphone. Our life became more easy and convenient when smart things came into picture. When all the conventional products and appliances have been replaced by smart devices,Continue reading “Converting Your Home Into a Smart Home? Consider The Basics!”


Many laws and regulations are taken across the earth regarding the collection, disclosure, and use of personal information. But at the same time the rate of cyber attacks, breaching of firewalls and exploitation of personal information is rising exponentially. It is very important and should be considered as the prime responsibility to safeguard personal informationContinue reading “DATA PRIVACY AND CYBERSECURITY”


Smart Home has become a trend recently. Most of the companies have taken the smart home concept to be quite productive in long run. They are working on different appliances that people frequently use at home and implement some smart functions and aesthetic changes. They are trying to make each and every appliance we useContinue reading “ANTI-VIRUS HAS A LOT TO CONTRIBUTE IN CYBER-SECURITY”

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