Many laws and regulations are taken across the earth regarding the collection, disclosure, and use of personal information. But at the same time the rate of cyber attacks, breaching of firewalls and exploitation of personal information is rising exponentially. It is very important and should be considered as the prime responsibility to safeguard personal information of the individual and organizations. Especially those dealing with financial data, health information and one with lots of people’s data.

It’s never been easier for others regarding the collection, use, retention, disclosure and disposal of individual information. The present regulatory framework is does not promise safety much. So companies and organizations can always expect the rising cost and risks associated with their information and security.

Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the enforcement of European Union for the regulation of privacy. GDPR applies to all the companies that are processing personal data in Europe. Not only them some US Federal Agencies including FTC and NIST have been updating their framework and guidelines for the usage of personal data, its collection, formulation and disclosure. Additionally many industries are updating their policies, also some self-regulatory methods to keep the information safe.

Privacy issues have dominated on the past couple of years. This is the sign of large shift in the world of data privacy and how the security should be implemented by many organizations. Facebook has reported its data been used and many other companies too. Even the consumers tend to give other third party apps permission to use their personal information without actually checking the right information. When we install any application on our mobile phones, when we open it for the first time, the app tends to ask permission to access your storage, files, contacts, camera etc. All the information collected by this method are stored in the server. If that application is a malicious one, the chances of getting ourselves robbed are very high. Many users still don’t understand this.

Many manufactures like Apple are considering privacy of its users their prime Target. Security updates are releasing on mobile phones every month and even the computers operating systems. All these updates contain protection against new threats and new framework protection for the data. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is quite developed now and are helping computers take the right input and to manage the data more secure. These technologies can be used in cybersecurity to provide the identification of new threats and protection of data. By using these technologies wisely we can reduce cyber attacks.

But on the flip side, hackers have also developing many new techniques also weaponise the AI and creating programs that can study the new system and that can even decrypt the encryption done. Government and many firms are paying ethical hackers tons of money to safeguard their privacy from the outside world. AI applications may also raise privacy issues as larage data is required to create a model.

Today the data being collected from individuals of companies are very high and in an unprecedented rate. That makes most humans vulnerable. Even the heart rate monitoring collected by smart watches can be collected and can be used to make a model of one individual’s daily routines. He/she is quite vulnerable and their data can be misused.

But now privacy and security are both converging and with the introduction of IoT and other technologies, it is possible to regulate data breaching. Users also have to consider their safety important. So they have to use their personal data wisely while giving it to every mobile application. Because once, our data is out, it’s out completely.


Smart Home has become a trend recently. Most of the companies have taken the smart home concept to be quite productive in long run. They are working on different appliances that people frequently use at home and implement some smart functions and aesthetic changes. They are trying to make each and every appliance we use at home smart. Now we can even get a coffee made using our mobile phone and a smart coffee maker. The prime motive is that it will ease the work required by a person and also some more functionality than the conventional one. But, with all those technology comes great risk of being hacked. There was a succession of attacks on US Academia through smart light bulbs, shows the insecurity. Even the children’s toys that are connected to internet are a gateway for hackers.

As in the age of cybersecurity, we all know how important it is. Hacking has a long history just like internet. Previously in the old times there was very less cases of this as viruses has to be loaded through a floppy disk or CDs. But now in the age of internet, things have never been easier for hackers. It’s a global way to interfere with individuals and businesses. Microsoft failed to understand that things will not always stay only on the desktop. This gave Google a head start to take the internet game to the next level. Also Apple tried to isolate and constrict their operating system which managed to insulate the viruses that are transferring through emails. It has evolved a lot from a floppy disk to an internet connected toys. Chances of being hacked are wide.

Companies that put their time and effort on anti-virus solutions have many experiences now by constantly updating and innovating. Also the anti-virus softwares are as easy to use. There are a lot of articles and news regarding the ‘anti-virus industry is coming down to an end or not’. But anti-virus is still an important factor as every consumer is different and they all have different levels of digital and computer literacy. Now a lot of devices are there to mess with than desktops. Smart home uses some cheap made devices and minimum password protection mixing it with little interoperability. Manufactures tend to blame consumers for this.

What we all to consider is the importance of anti-virus and how it has held during the past 25+ years. There are a lot of changes happened after the introduction of IoT and there are lots of changes coming on the way. But, don’t forget how anti-virus products managed to keep the consumers and businesses safe and how they helped the internet going during the period where when it was most vulnerable. It still has a large role in protecting the consumers from plagiarism.


If you are thinking about travelling, but worried about the expenses? Then is the article that you have been waiting for. I will go over some really easy way to help you reduce the travelling expenses.

Hope you found this article quite If you are planning on a budget, always travel during off-seasons or low seasons. This will always depend on when you can travel. But travelling in low seasons can help you save lots of money not only on the transportation but also with the accommodation also.

Another mode of low expense is to travel to budget locations. You can still travel cheaper than you think compared with expensive destinations. If you consider travelling to budget backpacking destinations the cost will be very less.

If you are planning to stay for a long time during travels, always considering renting the apartments for a month. Because renting every week will cost you more money compared to one month. In that way, you will feel much more comfortable and save some amount of cash.

If you are not planning to stay in apartments. Then staying on hostels is always the best choice. As the cost will be very very less compared with the apartments. They offer less privacy than apartments, but they will drastically reduce your expenses and in that way you can save that money for your travelling purpose. If you want to stay in a hostel and still need privacy you can always ask for a private room. This will cost a little more but it’s still worth it.

Try out some websites in which you can find out locals who are renting their homes or places with homely food and all. This is a very effective method if outside food is always a concern.

If you have already rented an apartment for some days, try cooking yourself. So that you will save big money on food and also help yourself by not damaging your stomach. If you are in a hostel, then there will be a common kitchen. Try cooking food there that is always another option to save money. If you hate cooking, then cheap street foods are another way to help yourself with the local dishes.

Also consider travelling on budget airlines as it will help in saving some money. In Europe and Asia, there are lots of chap airlines with good experience and is worth taking. Occasionally travelling by train will save a lot of money compared with the airline if you are travelling inland.

When booking your airfare, booking in advance is quite useful and risk-free. But booking late will help you with some last-minute deals.

Always check the prices of all the airlines and compare each other and try to select the cheaper and more affordable one rather than sticking with one airline of choice

Try to avoid alcohol during travels as you may end up spending too much on them without knowing. Also, avoid buying trinkets during trips as it will cost too much money. A photograph will be a much cheaper option.

Avoid spending time alone and roaming places where others won’t. Because you may end up in some tourist traps. So always go to places where locals go and spend time where the locals do.

Always considering contacting friends you have and ask for any relations you can find when travelling to unknown destinations. This will reduce risks and also help in saving a lot of money as the natives there would know the cheapest places much more than you do.


Before heading to the future we have to understand why the present or current scenario lacks. We have to understand the present challenges very well then only we can make the future possible by eliminating all those challenges. We all know that prevention is always better than cure. But is it the case around us? Nope, we only seek medical treatment only after falling ill or only due to some symptoms of the diseases. Studies are taking place in the medicinal field every day and new and modern methods are developing. It will always evolve and evolution is not going to stop. Our present system is based on illness care, not preventive healthcare. We are focused mainly on treating people who are already sick. Taking preventive measures is not yet been the prime motive. The current system fails to provide proper prevention against chronic disease.

So we can expect prevention more in the upcoming future. COVID-19 and all these pandemic diseases are an example which shows the importance of preventive health. So let’s look into some future changes that might come in the near future in the field of healthcare.

There is a high chance of seeing robots in healthcare as medical practitioners. Robots are going to be a thing in the future in medical science other than self-driving cars. Developers are already in the process of taking the Artificial Intelligence of robots, self-driving car, and video analytics into the healthcare industry. Tech giant NVIDIA has already partnered with DE Healthcare to make this into reality. The main motive is to make it do a real-time diagnosis to predictive analytics to treatment prescriptions.

Now we are all focused on general healthcare. It is going to get changed and focus will be given more to personal healthcare. Due to the introduction of IoT AND Machine Learning, it is possible for patients to stay at their place and their doctors are able to analyze the vitals using an app or a website. IoT based smart health kits are being introduced even now and are being used in developed countries. The scanners take all the relevant data and the micro processer present in it sends all those data into an app or website designed by the maker. The doctor can access these data anywhere by using his Smartphone or laptop. This helps reduce the risks of patients who are in rural areas.

Doctors will have to change the way they treat patients. Even today also doctors have access to all the technology devices not everything is done digitally. Personal health monitoring devices will become a common thing in the future so doctors have to treat and analyze patients based on the data they receive. This reduces time delay on treatments and helps in proper healthcare at the right time.

There will be more privacy during future healthcare. Doctors and patients have some secrets about their conditions. But all those files can be accessed by medical staff that is at the hospital. Even the argument between gynecologists and endocrinologists can even lead to less acceptable results for the patient. In the future, everything will be dealt with through digital devices and a personal health monitoring system will help to keep privacy in medical conditions.

Prevention will become the primary importance. Patients can know illness even before it gets acute with the help of personal healthcare devices. So preventive measures are taken early so that the person falling sick is very less. This helps individuals to focus very well on their health and doctors can analyze their patients with the help of a single finger touch.

Let’s pray for the better future we are all going to get and stay together to help this pandemic disease COVID-19 to get over.


A human being makes everything intimate, yet people who need to love and to be loved are having so much trouble doing so. It’s very evident that many folks don’t even understand what a healthy relationship means. In this article, I will share some of the few basic rules that you can take a print of and stick to your refrigerator door. Because who knows when life tests you.

Firstly understand one main part which most people don’t even think about. Your spouse is the best friend you have in the first place. Only then will all other friends come, because he/she should be the first one you run to if you have any troubles and he/she should treat you the same way around. Talk about all your troubles and let them understand what you are actually going on.

Communication is the key, many relationships fall because of the lack of communication. Lack of communication occurs when there is too much ego on both sides. You have to understand one thing that there is nothing more important to lose than your beloved. So keep your ego back to your pocket and talk to him/her, this will create a positive impact and eventually you both start to talk. Ask about their problems and see for yourself what you can do to support her.

A healthy relationship is not about having sex. Healthy sex life is needed in every relationship, but what’s in it if both partners are not happy about each of them. Firstly understand your partner, what’s his/her needs, what’s haunting them. You can always talk about your day and ask about their day. In your free time, cook together or make him/her feel you are always around them. This creates a sense of security and they will never leave a place where they feel most secure. Sex is a part of it; that doesn’t mean sex is relationship.

The relationship is not and will never be a guessing game. You have to always speak up for your needs and the things you want to talk about. Don’t hold them back, because that one thing can be the end of the relationship. Because if your needs are not met you will eventually become angry at your partner as you are not getting anything that you except. It’s only due to a lack of understanding.

Your partner is always yours, but he/she is also a person. So follow the RSE rule; that is RESPECT-SUPPORT-ENCOURAGE. By doing this they will always feel motivated and happy. This creates value and they start to give respect. Mutual respect is essential for a good relationship.

Manage the differences you have. It’s the key to a successful relationship as you have to consider their opinion too when doing something or before taking a decision. They also possess equal rights in the relationship. If you don’t understand what your partner is doing, ask about it. Don’t try to explore it by yourself.

If a problem comes up, solve it. Don’t keep it for some time or don’t sit without talking about it. That creates insecurity and lack of trust. This eventually ends up in hatred. So listen to your partner’s side and if he/she is wrong, make them understand and deal wisely. Also, tell them why your point is important and together solve the issue.

Misunderstanding is one major villain in every relationship. The only way to avoid misunderstanding is only by communicating about everything and losing one’s ego. If you are accused of something, tell them why it is like that instead of getting angrier.

Understand love is not something you can forcefully get. Understand your partner. Talk to her and speak to her about your problems and always follow the RSE rule.

I hope you got some idea about relationship issues and how we can keep it healthy up and running. Every relationship has its own problems. We all have to face it today or someday later. But always give respect and value to your partner and tell him/her how much you love them and care for.

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