Cheeseburgers are so common in most part of the world. The best part is that everyone loves cheeseburgers no matter what they do or where they come from. In most places most people are within a mile of a cheeseburger. People can’t get enough of this mix of meat and cheese in between two buns, but why they are so into it? Let’s find out what cheeseburgers are and why people love them more than any other dishes.

Cheeseburgers are most common in America and to be quoted rightly; ‘cheeseburgers are completely American’. Cheeseburgers share a lot in common with hamburgers. Their origin is still a topic of debate but burgers were made famous by Americans. Also the Hamburger is named after Hamburg, Germany. These flattened mixes of meat have existed long before many years. The cheese came later and they were attributed to different creators. But today there are lots and lots of wide varies of cheese and people can choose the type as per their taste.

When it all started there was only one type of cheeseburger which only contains burger, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and onion on a bun. These are now called the traditional cheeseburgers because of its rawness. But today it’s not the case as there are now different sets of customization just like assembling a personal computer. You can have it with different sets of meat not just beef. You can have pork burger, a bison burger, a venison burger. Also the toppings can be of different types like pepper jack, cheddar, mushrooms, Swiss, peanut butter or even bacon. Best part is that cheeseburgers can have any combination yet it tastes like a blessing.

The part is that this is the right food for people who is in a hurry as people won’t spend too much time waiting at shops and select the kind of food. They just order a cheeseburger and that’s the main specialty. The cheeseburgers have all bits and bytes of a perfect universal food as it tastes good for everyone. There are very slight sometimes, zero people who hate cheeseburgers. What combo you choose it doesn’t matter as everything will have a savory, meaty, cheesy, salty flavor and extra flavor of your choice of toppings. Mothers find it difficult to get eat and the best part is that children love the taste of cheeseburgers and they starts eating. It is a very comfy food as everyone will agree to a cheeseburger even if they have different opinions on food. The vegetarians can also enjoy it with a veg patty.

Americans adore this dish; some of them describe this dish just as raw as stars and stripes of USA National Flag. A pure American will always choose cheeseburgers over other random dishes. Cheeseburgers are American as Americans will get into. But let’s be honest who doesn’t love the taste of a fresh cheeseburger off the grill with that smoky smell? People adore these and different cheese options make them taste like a lifetime.

People can’t resist the smoky, salty, savory meat patty which is just off the grill or flat top. Then on top of that single or two layer of cheesy cheese melts into the meat. On top of that tomatoes, onion, pickle, sauce and it is then placed in between two buns. They just take it with both their hands and a give it a shot of mouthful. All those cheese melts into the meat and the savories together creates an amazing blend of meal which just melts into the mouth. 

If this doesn’t get your mouth watering, I’m not sure what will. For everyone who doesn’t love cheeseburgers, please don’t tell that to any American. 

Published by Adithya Prem

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