Ice creams are considered as one of the universal desserts in the world. Everyone loves ice creams and even the roman emperors had servants who take snows by foot to the fortress to make sorbets. Everyone is enjoying this tasty food for long enough. But, even with all these years of its formation, it does have an obvious drawback; it melts. There is no big worry than ice cream melts on a hot day. But we humans are an incredible creature as many chemists determined to put an end to this devastation. They formulated ways to keep ice cream stay longer than ever before.

In a press conference conducted by the American Chemical Society, they revealed a technology to this disaster by using cellulose extracted from the stem of banana plants. Usually, that part is thrown away like a waste, but that has this life-saving use. This may be the key to say ice cream apocalypse. It contains a cellulose fiber called the rachis. But these fibers are incredibly small and it’s been used for different purposes in history. That is also easy to digest and completely harmless to our body. Scientists tried different concentrations of these fibers with ice creams and it’s always done in small proportions so that it won’t affect its flavors. The most common was 3 of a gram per 100 grams of ice creams and the results are quite promising. It resists more towards hot temperature and it lasted more than the normal ice creams. Also, it doesn’t give you any banana taste or nothing. It made them creamier on the mouth. 

This is exciting news for environmentalists as there is lots of energy being used to keep ice creams in the solid-state. Lots of electricity is burned by fridges. So by implementing this, it will help reduce energy consumption less and more profitable to the environment and manufacturers pocket. Researchers are also planning to implement the banana strategy to traditional ice creams more. In ice creams which use more dairy fats. Replacing dairy in ice cream will become a huge impact and is a new trend word wide. Dairy fat will be replaced by using soy, nut-based products, along with coconut milk and adding a blend of banana plant fiber for creamy long-lasting ice cream. Sometimes Gelato will be also used and it can be made sturdier by adding cellulose.

Also, there are lots of cool and fun discoveries for the rescue of desserts. In 2017, Japanese scientists made a big impact by saying that they had invented non-melting ice cream by accident. They conducted an experiment to made new strawberry desserts and which resulted in the formation of strawberry extracted polyphenol liquid that made ice cream heat resistant. The researchers were fascinated and they kept the ice cream out of the room for more than three hours and found that it hardly melted and it still tastes cold. 

But this comes up with a challenge as strawberries are a seasonal fruit and it will not grow everywhere. It has to be grown custom, unlike banana plants. So this concept of strawberry based ice cream is not as cost-effective as it sounds. So considering both the fiber from banana plant and strawberry based ice cream, the banana plant-based ice cream will be the most viable option. Also considering its availability and easiness of formation it will be easier to use and mix the fiber from the banana plant into ice cream. Banana can be grown on almost everywhere and it is not a seasonal plant. 

At least we have long-lasting ice creams. May be in coming future we will see non-melting ice creams. 

Published by Adithya Prem

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