Kerala is the land of spices and exotic cuisines. There is no wonder why the curries are so spicy and lip smacking. Here people are doing everything from breakfast to snacks just by blending the taste of traditional foods along with vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Kerala is not only famous for its spicy curries, but also different kinds of biriyanis available. In which Thalasherry biriyani is the most famous. Also to mention about the desserts, there are an amazing variety of payasam in which the ada payasam and ari payasam are the main. Also halwa is another strong hold in Kerala. There is even a street named ‘muttayi teruvu’ in Kozhikode district which means ‘Sweet Street’. There is a whole array of shops selling sweets. 

The traditional keralite breakfast dishes are appam, idiyappam, dosa, puttu, pattiri which all goes along with any vegetarian and non vegetarian curries. The main ingredient of almost all the dishes and curries are coconuts. It will be either chopped, or grinded or even squeezed to get its milk out and add that to these cuisines to make them taste like heaven. Also the aroma that comes from these curries are mainly from curry leaves which gives it an extra bit of kick. Also turmeric, tamarind, cumin, fenugreek are some of the exotic ingredients used.

In Kerala there are tons of amazing and luxury restaurants and hotels. But if you really want to understand and explore what’s in the heart of Kerala, then you should get into some local hotels or toddy bars called ‘kallu shaap’. There the food served will be the core dishes which are always the perfect example of spiciness and it’s more close to nature. Because there is no artificial method of cooking nothing. Everything is created raw.

When you are in Kerala don’t forget to try these lip smacking dishes which will tell the story of this state and its importance. You will be travelling through a journey while having these.

  • SADHYA – This is considered as the main dish in Kerala. It is a multi course meal and usually made during onam season. These have a lot of vegetable curries and it should be eaten along rice and final dessert will be payasam. It’s a vegetarian food completely.
  • PUTTU & KADALA CURRY – It is the most common breakfast dish in Kerala. It is basically rice flour mixed with water and salt and steamed in a cylindrical pot. It can be had along banana and pappadam, but kadala curry is the perfect combo with puttu.
  • APPAM & STEW – It is made in a special cooking utensil called ‘ appam chatty’. It is like a pancake made of rice batter. The best combo to have appam with is hot vegetable stew. Sometime it can be taken in along with spicy chicken curry or beef roast.
  • IDIYAPPAM & EGG CURRY – This is made using rice and thin strands of rice is steamed in to get iddiyappam. It goes in well with egg curry. It’s a very soft and light dish. 
  • MALABAR BIRIYANI – This is considered as the intimate food of every malayalies. A plate biriyani along with small amount of yogurt salad and 1 pickled lemon is well enough. Usually it is served along with a boiled egg and it contains all the spices from Kerala and the rice used is special rice called basmati rice.
  • PAROTTA & BEEF ROAST – There won’t be any single non-veg malayalies out there who haven’t had parotta & beef in their life. This is the most common non-veg food available in every restaurants and hotels in Kerala. Maida is used to make parotta and it is taken along hot and spicy beef roast which contains pepper and slices of onion rings are shredded on top.

Other major dishes are:

  • Chicken curry (nadan kozhi curry)
  • Kerala fish curry with Kappa
  • Kallumakaya ularthiyath
  • Tattu dosa, omlet and chutney
  • Dosa and sambar
  • Payasam
  • Prawn theeyal
  • Nadan kozhi varuthat

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