Dietary supplements are the substances that we eat or drink based on the prescription. It can be vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, etc. They are usually available to us in the form of tablets or pills, powders and also some in the form of drinks. But many people mistake them with food. They have to understand one thing that, dietary supplements are not alternatives to food. They help us cover our daily protein or vitamin and mineral needs. Eating a lot or eating three times a day doesn’t mean we are getting all the necessary and essential minerals. To avoid this, people are asked to take these supplements.

Common dietary supplements include vitamins and minerals (vitamin C, multivitamins), Omega fatty acids (omega 3), fiber and proteins. Proteins are our building blocks. But an interesting fact about protein is that if we take enough and excess protein; our body only requires only a particular amount of protein intake a day. Unlike fat, the excess protein will not be saved for future use. That is why regular protein intake is very important. A balanced diet will help us maintain our minerals and vitamin needs as it will provide us with an adequate amount of everything.

Nowadays many people are suffering from nutritional gaps due to pollution, inadequate diet, junk food, fast-paced lifestyles, skipping meals, adulterated food, etc. An average human male requires 60g of protein daily and as a woman needs 55 grams. Protein is essential for good hair, skin, nails. It helps to sustain energy levels. It builds, repair and maintains cells. It supports our immune system along with adding strength to our muscles. But why one have to take a supplement instead of taking food? Because as a reference, we will get 60g of protein by eating 11 eggs or 50 bananas or 25 potatoes or 8 glass of milk or even 8 cups of curd. This in real life is not possible. That alone proves that we are not having enough protein a day. The same applies to almost all the vitamins and minerals.

This is dietary supplement chart prepared by Amway for the reference.

COVID – 19 is the major talk for quite some time now and people are panicking, the death rates, the positive cases are increasing day by day. There isn’t any reduction in the spread. But the truth is, by adequate care and safety measures, we can fight the coronavirus. For that many precautions and preventive methods are suggested by many scientists, doctors, and even some healthcare organizations. But most of them forget about one major factor; the importance of vitamin supplements.

Supplements are not medicine; they are used for the prevention of diseases rather than the cure. Just like the old days saying “Prevention is better than cure”. We have to keep our vitality at the best for the prevention of these deadly viruses. The level of immunity present in the human body is decreasing due to the living style, junk food, and even the climate. By having supplements that can actually boost your immunity and help you from infection. Vitamins like Vitamin C help boost our immunity and Ayurvedic supplements like Tulsi, Mulekthi, etc are known for its immunity-boosting properties.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the supplements you are getting. My family and relatives are a proud family of Nutrilite. Their Natural C and Tulsi are really some amazing products. My cousin suffers from cold very frequently. After having the tulsi he stopped showing the signs of a cold. In fact, one tablet of Tulsi = 100 dried tulsi leaves. That much concentrated it is. There is no way one could actually eat 100 leaves a day.

Even in this epidemic, every manufacturing plant in china has stopped except for Nutrilite and Amway. The Chinese Government knows the value of these products in the long run and how it is effective.

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